House Olympics | Dog Breeds Split

by House Olympics | Dog Breeds

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released February 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Paperweight Records Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, FL based independent label bringing you the best of bummer jams on the deadest of formats. Established 2013.

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Track Name: House Olympics - Polar Vortex
While the snow falls, and you're in your bed
I will crawl up these steps
To reach the sun, to melt the snow
Off of my shoulders, off of my conscience
I am the rock that brings the wind
Through your window, you can't avoid it
Every joint is locking up and slowing down

I'm holding on
To brighter days
Of last year
I cannot wait
For the warmth
Anymore, anymore
Track Name: House Olympics - Anderson
I will walk home
There is a problem
There is no deciding
There is a calling
Come out of your hiding
Track Name: Dog Breeds - Touring Every Room Of My House
"I'll be there," an empty promise I knew all too well.
After ten years of let downs and disappointment,
We exhale our final breath, a sigh of relief.
I let this build up for far too long.
Track Name: Dog Breeds - Me Plus You Equals Frowny Face
I remember; you paraded around this town
Enlightened and humbled,
Or at least that's what you thought.
You carry on drunk with regret;
The weight of your mistakes,
Is stretched beneath your eyes.

And now, five years later,
You're still in the same goddamn mess.
You had every chance to better yourself,
But you didn't do a goddamn thing.

Are you proud of who you became?