Don't Be a Let Down

by Messes

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released April 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Paperweight Records Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, FL based independent label bringing you the best of bummer jams on the deadest of formats. Established 2013.

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Track Name: Pushups
I've been holding onto all these makeshift universes that I swore would hold us together--I wanted to give you love that I just didn't have. There are some things we have to face alone, but that's what brings us together. At our worst it's all that we've got.

It'll tear you apart, rip the bones from your chest, to watch your childhood die in a hospital bed.
Track Name: Thirteen Centuries
I'm writing this to tell you:

From the last phone call our parents missed,
to the day you packed your bags. Now I'm crying at a friends house--it's snowing. Just like it was thirteen years ago, thirteen centuries.
Cold calls across state lines. Leah what the fuck were you thinking?

You'll never understand how much I miss you.
Track Name: Skunk
It's happening again. I haven't slept for days now. These thoughts of dying are killing me. Maybe I'm just going through the motions, maybe it's the rain, or maybe it's just me. I hope you understand why I keep this to myself, I just couldn't stomach picking up the phone. So show me something real, show me anything at all. Because the only thing I tend to relate to are these lies I keep telling myself. They're the only things that get me out of bed.

Goddamn it gets dark out here, when summer's still gasping for breath. And it makes me sick to my stomach to think about the time that I've wasted.

It's perfectly calculated. I was once your pride, but now I'm a parasite.
Track Name: Bible Belt
You say you're scared, well it's alright I'm scared too.
Your mom cries in her coffee
while dad fastens his bible belt.
You say it's been this way for years.
So you ran to the woods, to sleep on the ground with pine needles stuck in your hair.
And I hope you find love, wherever you are, because I die in my sleep every night.
Track Name: LDM
And I still remember the last time that I saw you. It was the worst day of my childhood. You told me to leave the first chance that I got and never look back--that's exactly what you did.

And I started crying because I'll never see you again, my sister.
I can't ask you to come home, you never really understood what that was.
Track Name: Cults
Is this everything that you remember? Asking for scripts so you can go outside?
So its made its way into your wires.
But I grew up comfortable, folks are still together.
I never wanted you to find me, it all just fell into place while you were writing out notes on the back of a birthday card.

Quiet home, we're building on top of your bones.

I'm doing the same, I'm doing just fine. I've always been a confident liar--at least I'm confident.
Track Name: Bones
The summer at your parent's house.
We had the fucking time of our lives.
We woke up on the kitchen floor, and screamed our lungs empty.

The movie in my head went black just as your skin started slipping away. The sleepless summer syndrome coursing hot wax through my veins. Those long rides home I wouldn't trade for anything.

They'll never take it away!
Track Name: Cycle
I watched your spirit soar above a skyline of used car lots and trailer parks, from a hospital window perched over the town where I'll die, too.
I'll always hear you in the wind chimes and the streetlight's humming song when I walk the streets at night, I still walk the streets at night.

'Cause I don't know where I'll go.
Track Name: Sleeping Bags
You've been talking in your sleep
about the legacy we leave.
I can hold your hand in the dark,
where the hollowest heartbreaks are.

"Lost in the film fade of memory"
what will become of you and me?
Because I can only run so far, before I'm torn apart by the wolves
on the front lawn of my high school. Their laughter will turn to howls as I lie there just bleeding out.

Will I find you there in the dark? Will you be a cluster of stars that we used to look at from sleeping bags when we were kids?
Track Name: Haunt
I grew up in a haunted house, where ghosts framed in black and white watched me sleep. It's a part of me that'll never leave, it's the blood in my veins and the grass on my knees. I want to fight it, but I don't know how. You say, you can't let it bury you.

But I'm not holding my breath, just admit they left you for dead--that summer when you went away to bible camp. You told me that you kissed your best friend, both a little drunk and so confused, it's a part of you.

We can both admit that we're a little fucked up. But I'll always stand perfectly still when you shave my head. And I swear I'll protect your toothpick ribcage until you come back and apologize for leaving. It'll be like homecoming, you'll be a banner that reads: don't be a let down.